Seiko M354 Memory-Bank Calendar watch v003

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Seiko M354 Memory-Bank Calendar James Bond watch, Roger Moore, "Moonraker"

Seiko case number M354-5019, model SFX003 quartz digital watch. James Bond watch choice for actor Roger Moore as Agent 007 in Moonraker, Eon Productions, 1979.


“Seiko Quartz LC Memory-Bank Calendar” liquid-crystal diode wristwatch. Worn on at least two bracelet variations, neither of which was original to this watch. Reference per definitive list of James Bond watches as:

  • “Corinne Dufour Seiko”
  • “Explosives-Compartment Seiko” (gadget version)

The SFX003, M354-5019 Memory-Bank Calendar wristwatch is no longer listed as a current model on the Seiko Watch Corporation website.


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